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Water is Life

Our WATER IS LIFE initiative is big!  For every purchase you make on our website we donate bottled water to food pantries and disaster relief efforts.  

Water Is Life initiative - Get To The Water®

It is estimated that globally 780 million people currently lack clean water and some estimates say that every 21 seconds someone dies because of a lack of clean water. In many areas around the world, families must walk miles to get drinking water and must make this trip several times a week.  

Our goal is to grow our WATER IS LIFE initiative globally and eventually have the ability to drill wells around the world for people that desperately need clean drinking water. Drilling borehole wells provide a sustainable clean water supply to entire communities where ground water sources are a viable option.

Look for the bottle icons next to each of our products. The icons will indicate how many bottles of water your purchase will help donate.  

Thank you for making this possible.  WATER IS LIFE!


Drilling water wells for the Water Is Life Initiative - Get To The Water®