New National Holiday.....Get To The Water Day. Good clean fun!

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New National Holiday...
Get To The Water DAY™
Good clean fun!

Observance Day - 3rd Saturday of June
2019 June 15th
2020 June 20th

What is Get To The Water DAY™?

Get To The Water Day is a national holiday that promotes good clean fun with family and friends!

What’s good clean fun?

It’s simple! Get To The Water and while you’re visiting, pick up trash wherever you see it. If you visit the beach, lake or river, simply pick up trash in the area you are visiting.  

It is estimated 100 million people visit beaches, lakes, and rivers each year. If each person picked up only 1lb of trash while visiting these beautiful waters, we would clear 100 million pounds of trash each year.

By simply making everyone aware of this day, it could transform our waters and teach all of us to do this every day we visit the water, not just on Get To The Water Day. Parents can also teach their kids to have good clean fun! It’s a win, win for everyone and the environment.

Founder of Get To The Water DAY™ - Good clean fun

I created Get To The Water DAY to promote fun times while doing something awesome for the environment! I was taught to do this by my parents at an early age. Each time we visited the beaches in Galveston, Texas my parents would pick up any trash that was around us on the beach. They never told us to do it but by observing them, my 3 brothers and I began picking up trash each time we saw some on the beach. Sometimes we would make a game of it to see who could find the most. As I grew older and visited the beach with my friends, I would pick up trash while we threw a frisbee or fished. My friends would sometimes ask, “What are you doing?” and I would simply reply, “I’m picking up trash. I always pick up trash when I visit the beach”. Without asking them to do it, I noticed they began picking up trash too. After that, each time we visited the beach we would all pick up trash subconsciously without even talking about it. I think that happened to my brothers and I as kids and my friends later on in life, because deep within us we all know we are part of nature and want to do what’s best for nature. Unfortunately, many people are not taught to do something so simple yet profoundly powerful for our environment. If everyone did this simple rewarding task on Get To The Water Day, we would see a dramatic difference in our beaches, lakes and rivers. In addition, it would encourage others watching us pick up trash to begin to do the same. Over time, we could make this great cause an everyday event while visiting our beautiful waters!

Get To The Water and have some good clean fun!

Charles Mazzini
Get To The Water
President of Fun


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